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Check List/Our Price is Right Trip!

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

Things to bring on your trip and what not to wear is always a BIG question when you are going on a trip like this... Or, at least it should be!!

Here is a little check list I've formed and hope you will find useful to you when you go to The Price is Right #TPIR

I took a long look on the internet at various sites making sure what to wear and the dress codes for getting into the show I also checked into what other people were wearing when they got picked to Come On Down!

I did notice that they like having a casual dressed person, jeans & tennis shoes are suggested by the studio. I haven't seen women with a lot of make-up or jewelry.

For our shoes I picked something that would not only be light weight but would also be a good traveling shoe. You do want to be comfortable if your going to be in line for 5 hours!

This what I got... One of the most comfortable tennis shoes I think I have ever worn!

The Travelactiv Xpress Sneaker! it's well worth the $59.00 ! You can find them at

The Feel Good Store https://www.feelgoodstore.com/travelactiv-xpress-sneaker/078315.html

When the shoes came a few days ago I was so excited! Trying them on was a delight! My feet were happy! Also knowing these were ordered specially for our trip! I started jumping up and down!! My husband started looking at me like I'm crazy!( He does this all the time, I'm not sure why??) So here I am jumping up and down, he's looking at me like I'm crazy, I start whaling WHooooHoooo and YEAH! Shaking my hand in the air... He's like WTH?? are you doing??

I'm making sure my shoes are good enough to go to The Price is Right! #TPIR

Then, I start running toward him and stop quick!! Now what are you doing?? I'm making sure I have enough grip so I don't fall on my ass when I'm running for my new car!!


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