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Adventure's with My Best Friend Our Price is Right Trip!

Best friends forever!

Mom and I have always been close, we've always had a special bond. It's almost like we have a a secret between us or know what the other person is thinking or is going to say.

She is the Thema to my Louise.

We've been on a lot of adventure's together and have done all kinds of crazy stuff from traveling across country to save family members

to going on a retreat to the Stanley Hotel to search for ghost.

We've done art show's

Written book's together...

Mom was even there when I had my 1st son David!

You have always been here to comfort and guide me. You have always been the one that I can count on no matter what has happened !

Best Friends Forever!

From plotting and planning at the breakfast table, to walking the beach in the Carolina's!

You will ALWAYS be my BEST FRIEND!

I can't wait to post more picture's of our next adventure to THE PRICE IS RIGHT!!

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