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Our Price is Right Trip...Mom's Birthday Cele

So here we go!!! Or, should I say... "Come on Down!!!"

I am so excited about taking mom to the Price is Right on the 27th for her Birthday Celebration!

When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday a few months back, I had a feeling that was what she was going to say! (We think alike and I knew this was on her bucket list)

I thought... Well, why not! Let’s give it a try!

So, I went online and started my search. I was even more excited to see that we could get the tickets for FREE! This is where I got them... http://on-camera-audiences.com/shows/The_Price_is_Right

I started looking at the dates and started plotting my next move as to when we were going to go! Obviously it would need to be on or around mom's Birthday!

The whole reason for planning our trip!

It was an easy search, and lo and behold I found our date! The Mother’s Day taping on Feb 27th! Mom’s real b-day is on the 22nd. I was able to get tickets for a line voucher for the morning taping that is the Mother's Day one (**Remember this if you want to get on for a special event! Special event tapings are usually in the morning!) We are going to have to wait in line to see if we can get in. If not... We have a definite in for later in the afternoon! Too excited to see what happens when we get there!! OMG! This is sooo, much fun! I am counting the days and watching the show to stay updated on prices and pumped up for our adventure!

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